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Car window shades

Everyone benefits from car window shades, as they are the perfect solution for undesired sunlight. You can buy the best shades at Car Parts Expert. We have been developing, producing and selling all kinds of high quality car accessories for over 25 years. At Car Parts Expert we put high value on the use of high quality materials for all our products and a good fit. In addition, we offer our products at very competitive prices.

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The solution for undesired sunlight are window shades from Car Parts Expert

If you want to buy car window shades for your car, Car Parts Expert offers a wide range of tailor-made sun protection sets for many car models. A set consists of several screens, which cover all windows, except those of the front doors and the windshield. Sunbeams are blocked, while it remains possible to open the side windows. In this way fresh air can still enter the car. The special Car Parts Expert car window shades have several exceptional advantages:

  • The shades are tailor-made for your car, hence the sunlight is blocked in the most optimal way;
  • The interior heats up less quickly;
  • As a result, the air-conditioning system need not work at full speed;
  • People from outside cannot look inside the car.

Installing or removing the car window shades

You do not need a professional to install or remove your car window shades. Our window shades can be installed very easily. You only have to click the sun blinds in the enclosed mounting clips. Subsequently, these clips are then slid behind the window seals. This helps the window shades to stay in place, even when you drive with slightly opened windows. Do you require more information? Please contact us by calling +31 416 235 600.

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