Floor liners

At CarParts-Expert, you will find a wide range of floor liners, perfect for protecting and enhancing the interior of your commercial vehicle. Our floor liners are designed to be durable and stylish, giving your commercial vehicle a neat and well-maintained appearance. Whether you are looking for a floor liner for everyday use or a specific model, you have come to the right place.

Our range of floor liners offers a broad selection, ensuring you can always find the right floor liner for your commercial vehicle. Each floor liner is crafted with attention to detail and quality. Thanks to our user-friendly interface, you can easily select and order the perfect floor liner specifically for your commercial vehicle. Choose CarParts-Expert and give your commercial vehicle the protection it deserves with our high-quality floor liners.

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Floor liners at CarParts-Expert

At CarParts-Expert, we understand the importance of keeping your commercial van in top condition. One essential aspect of maintaining your vehicle is protecting the cargo floor. That's why we offer high-quality floor liners that not only provide protection but also ensure an efficient and safe working environment.

Why choose a floor liner?

A floor liner is a custom-made, durable solution that protects the original metal floor of your commercial van from damage. Installing a floor liner not only helps extend the lifespan of your vehicle but also improves the safety and functionality of your cargo area. Our floor liners are specifically designed to meet the high demands of daily use, making them a valuable investment for any professional driver.

Types of floor liners

At CarParts-Expert, we offer a wide range of floor liners, each with unique features to meet different needs. For example, we have floor liners known for their excellent protection and durability, available in various thicknesses. Other variants offer extra protection against UV radiation, making them ideal for vehicles that are often exposed to the sun. For those transporting heavy loads, we offer robust floor liners that can withstand significant impacts. Additionally, we have floor liners that are particularly resistant to wear and tear, as well as oil and chemicals, perfect for demanding environments.

Installation and Assembly

Our floor liners come in two or more parts to facilitate transport and installation. The parts are easily connected with the supplied coupling screws in pre-drilled holes. This design ensures that the steel floor of your vehicle is not damaged during installation. Each floor liner comes standard with countersunk aluminum step strips unless the step is curved, in which case the floor liner is beveled without a step strip.

We also offer mounting plates that correspond with the original tie-down rings in your vehicle's floor. For vehicles where the tie-down rings are located against the sidewall, the floor liner is supplied with special L-brackets. For floor liners that cannot be screwed in, we recommend fixation with MS Polymer adhesive.

Optional accessories

For additional functionality, our floor liners can be equipped with integrated cargo securing rails. These rails are placed perpendicular to the roof struts of your vehicle and can hold various accessories such as tie-down rings and load bars. This system makes it easy to secure and organize your cargo safely.

Additions for floor liners

At CarParts-Expert, we are committed to providing products that enhance the performance and longevity of your commercial van. In addition to floor liners, we offer other products that complete your cargo space:

  1. Wall liners: Protect the sides of your van from damage and provide a neat finish.
  2. Ceiling liners: For a sleek and tidy finish to the roof of your cargo area.
  3. Wheel arch protection: Extra protection for the wheel arches of your commercial van.
  4. Cargo space mats: For a perfect finish and additional protection of the cargo floor.

Our floor liners offer the perfect combination of protection, durability, and functionality, making them an indispensable addition for any professional driver. Visit our webshop to explore the full range and find the ideal floor liner for your vehicle.

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