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Here you will find products intended for installation on the outside of your car. Some products are purely aesthetic and give your car a tougher or sportier appearance. Others serve primarily a practical purpose and protect your car against dents and scratches.

Car Parts Expert body kits

Body kits

A body kit from Car Parts Expert gives your car a sporty appearance. Bodykits often consist of a front spoiler, side skirts and a rear skirt. Usually these parts can also be ordered separately.

Body kits

Car Parts Expert bumper protectors

Bumper protectors

A bumper protector prevents damage to your bumper while loading or unloading items in your trunk. The bumper protectors are available in stainless steel and plastic and can be mounted in no time with double-sided tape.

Bumper protectors

Car Parts Expert chrome covers

Chrome covers

Car Parts Expert offers a wide variety of mask parts for both the car’s exterior as well as the interior to give your car an individual character. Examples: door catch covers, side mirror covers, side window trims, interior masking parts, etc.

Chrome covers

Car Parts Expert skidplates


The skid plates from Car Parts Expert give your car a tough appearance. Our skid plates are high quality products and are mostly made of ABS. They come with a complete assembly kit and clear installation instructions.


Car Parts Expert spoilers


A roof or trunk spoiler of Car Parts Expert is exclusively designed for your car and gives it a sporty look. A roof spoiler also often reduces the turbulence behind the car, thus decreasing fuel consumption and reducing pollution on your rear window.


Car Parts Expert car door protectors

Car door protectors

Car door protectors are functional plastic strips that protect your car against ugly scratches and dents, for example, due to the opening of doors in a parking lot. Additionally, they also give your car a tough appearance.

Door protectors

Car Parts Expert Sidesteps & Pushbars

Side steps

Side steps from Car Parts Expert give your car a tough appearance. They consist out of a black plastic sill cover, in which luxury aluminium boards are mounted. Due to the clever design, the side steps are fully integrated into the look of your car.

Sidesteps & Pushbars

Car Parts Expert wheel covers

Wheel covers

Our wheel covers are easy to install on your steel rims and give your car a luxurious look. The surface is covered with a special coating, so dirt cannot easily adhere to the surface.

Wheel covers

Car Parts Expert side wind deflectors

Side wind deflectors

Our side wind deflectors provide protection against wind, rain and snow while driving with partially opened windows. The side wind deflectors are made of high quality acrylic glass and each set is custom made per car model.

Window deflectors

Car Parts Expert Side bars

Side bars

The side bars of Car Parts Expert are tailor-made for your commercial vehicle. They are made of high-quality stainless steel and protect the side of the car against costly damage during maneuvering or in case of a collision.

Side bars

carparts expert snow chains

Snow chains

Car Parts Expert offers snow chains in different price categories, but whatever type you choose, they are all of excellent quality. All our snow chains are TÜV approved and comply with ÖNORM V 5117, which is mandatory for the use in Austria.

Snow chains

Car Parts Expert exhaust trims

Exhaust trims

Car Parts Expert offers a wide choice of high-quality exhaust trims, to give your car a sporty look. Most of our exhaust finishers are made of stainless steel and some are in chromed steel. An exhaust finisher is a universal accessory, suitable for multiple car models.

Exhaust trims

Top Quality

Car Parts Expert stands for quality. We place high demands on the material and fit of all our products. And all that at competitive prices.

25 years experience

Car Parts Expert has over 25 years experience in the development and production of professional car accessories. Every day we deliver our products to many customers around the world.

Painting Service

Some products can be painted in the body colour of your car. The in-house paint shop of Car Parts Expert offers a top quality finish at a fair price.

Professional service

Do you have questions about a product, its mounting etc.? Car Parts Expert gives you a quick and professional advice. Send an Email to or call us at +31 (0) 416 - 235 600.