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How do I mount a roof spoiler? How do I mount a side protection set? These questions are asked a lot. This is why we started filming these DIY clips. The instructional videos demonstrate how you can mount CarParts-Expert products yourself. The assembly is clearly filmed and explained step by step. We have mounted the products following our assembly instructions. So these clips show you perfectly how to mount everything on your own.

Roof spoiler

In this video our roof spoiler for the Daihatsu Materia is used as an example. In this specific case the spoiler is mounted with screws on the car. Kit is also used as support.
Other spoilers may have a different mounting method. Some spoilers are mounted only with kit or with double-sided tape.

Door protectors set

In this video we show you step by step how to mount door protectors yourself. Every side protection set is mounted similarly. When using our manual the mounting of these side protection set goes really easy and quick.

Assembly clip rear bumper protector

In this assembly clip we show you how you should mount a rear bumper protector of CarParts-Expert. We show you the four steps it takes to install this rear bumper protection part onto your car. Installing this part yourself is very easy with the 3M double-sided tape. In this particular case we show you the mounting of an ABS rear bumper protector for the Skoda Octavia combi. Besides protection parts made from ABS, we also offer stainless steel and PU bumper protectors. They're all installed the same way.

Mounting skidplate

In this assembly clip we show you step by step how easy it is to mount a rear skidplate of CarParts-Expert yourself. In this particular case we show you the assembly of the rear skidplate for the Kia Sportage QL. Not all skidplates are mounted in the same way.

Mounting stainless steel entry guards

Entry guards from CarParts-Expert protect the sills of your car effectively against dents and scratches during entering or exiting. In this assembly clip we show you how you should mount a stainless steel entry guard set of CarParts-Expert. We show you step by step how to install this onto your car.

Top Quality

CarParts-Expert stands for quality. We place high demands on the material and fit of all our products. And all that at competitive prices.

25 years experience

CarParts-Expert has over 25 years experience in the development and production of professional car accessories. Every day we deliver our products to many customers around the world.

Painting Service

Some products can be painted in the body colour of your car. The in-house paint shop of CarParts-Expert offers a top quality finish at a fair price.

Professional service

Do you have questions about a product, its mounting etc.? CarParts-Expert gives you a quick and professional advice. Send an Email to or call us at +31 (0) 416 - 235 600.