Wheel arch protection

At CarParts-Expert, we understand the importance of a well-maintained vehicle. A crucial component of this is wheel arch protection. Wheel arch protection helps shield the wheel arches from dirt, water, and other harmful external influences. This not only extends the lifespan of your car but also ensures a tidier appearance.

CarParts-Expert offers a wide range of high-quality wheel arch protection specifically designed to keep your vehicle in top condition. Our wheel arch protection is easy to install and made from durable materials, ensuring long-lasting protection.

Choose the reliable wheel arch protection from CarParts-Expert and drive with peace of mind.

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Wheel arch protection at CarParts-Expert

Wheel arch protection is an essential component for anyone who wants to keep the cargo space of their commercial van in top condition. At CarParts-Expert, we understand the importance of well-protected wheel arches and offer high-quality solutions that are not only functional but also perfectly fit your vehicle.

What is wheel arch protection?

As the name suggests, wheel arch protection is designed to shield the wheel arches of your vehicle from damage and scratches. Our wheel arch protection consists of left and right sections, specifically tailored to your particular car model. These covers are made from sturdy vacuum-formed plastic, ensuring durable and long-lasting protection for the metal wheel arches.

Benefits of wheel arch protection

Using wheel arch protection offers numerous advantages:

  1. Protection against damage: The wheel arches are often exposed to bumps and scrapes from cargo. Our wheel arch protection prevents this damage from occurring.
  2. Durability: Made from sturdy vacuum-formed plastic, our wheel arch protectors are designed to last and withstand extreme conditions.
  3. Easy installation: The covers feature flange edges that are clamped under the floor plate and behind the wall lining. This ensures a firm and secure attachment without the need for additional tools.

Installing wheel arch protection

Before installing the wheel arch protection, it is important to remove any existing floor plates and wall linings. The covers are clamped under the floor plate and behind the wall lining. In some cases, it may be necessary to remove some material from your floor plate and wall lining to create enough space for the wheel arch protectors. If your commercial van does not have a floor plate and/or wall lining, the wheel arch protectors can also be secured with glue.

Additional protection options

In addition to wheel arch protection, CarParts-Expert also offers other protection solutions for your commercial van. Consider our floor liners, wall liners, ceiling liners, and cargo space mats. These products are specifically tailored to seamlessly integrate with our wheel arch protection and offer a complete protection solution for your cargo space.

Wheel arch protection is a crucial component for maintaining the cargo space of your commercial van. With CarParts-Expert's wheel arch protectors, you protect the wheel arches from damage and extend the lifespan of your vehicle. Check out our full range and keep your commercial van in optimal condition.

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