Dog guards and dividers

The best place to a buy tailor-made dog guard for your car (also known as a cargo separator) is through Car Parts Expert. With a dog guard you can safely transport your pet, but it also protects the driver and passengers from the dangers of unsecured cargo in the boot space. With a custom-made dog guard, all side airbags remain functional in the event of an emergency stop or accident. With universal dog guards this is often not the case. In some EU countries (like Germany, Italy and Spain) it is mandatory to transport your dog at a leash or behind a dog guard. Our high-quality dog guards can be installed or removed in only a few minutes.

  •

    A dog guard can often be combined with a matching cargo divider. With a cargo divider you can create a safe space for your pet by separating it from the baggage in your trunk space.

    Product features:

    • For safe transport of your pet and protection against unsecured cargo in the boot space
    • Vehicle-specific design
    • Strong metal construction with high quality, scratch-resistant coating
    • Easy DIY installation
    • No vehicle modification required (no drilling or screwing)
    • Including clear fitting guide
    • Easily removable

Dog guards and dividers

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