Roof bars

If you want to buy roof bars for your car, you should place high demands on robustness and reliability.

Car Parts Expert offers roof bars of different brands and in different price categories, but whichever type you choose to purchase, they are all of excellent quality. All our roof racks are TÜV/GS approved and meet ISO 11154 and DIN 75302.

To help you make your choice, below you will find an overview of the different types of roof rack bars in our portfolio.

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    More information about roof bars

    Nowadays a set of roof racks is often indispensable when traveling by car.

    At Car Parts Expert, you can buy robust roof rack bars, made of aluminum or steel. They are available for many different car models. A crossbar set is indispensable for carrying, amongst others:

    • Bike carriers
    • Ski racks
    • Roof Boxes

    Different types of roof racks

    Because every car is different, there are actually no universal roof racks. It is true though that most roof racks fit different car models. The biggest difference between different roof racks is determined by the type of roof on which they must be mounted. In our shop we state for which type of roof the roof bars are suitable. There are roughly 4 types of car roofs

    Flat roof: There are no mounting points or rails on your roof

    Open roof rails: There is a raised open railing in the longitudinal direction

    Closed roof rails: There is a raised closed railing in the longitudinal direction

    Fixed mounting points: The car is equipped with original fixing points, usually closed with covers on the roof.

    There are many different types of roof racks in different price categories. In the summary below we briefly list their various characteristics. Not all roof rack types are available for every car model. If you select the right car brand and model in our shop, all matching roof racks will be displayed automatically.

    Twinny Load roof bars

    • Our entry level brand, good value for money.
    • Available in black steel or silver aluminum.
    • Assembly is not difficult, but may require a bit more time than with the more expensive roof bars.

    Mont Blanc ReadyFit steel

    • The entry level model of Mont Blanc, good value for money.
    • Sturdy steel roof bars with a robust black coating.
    • Fully pre-assembled; can be installed on your car straight from the box.

    Menabo roof bars

    • Mid-price level brand, with an excellent price-performance ratio.
    • Car Parts Expert offers the Menabo product lines in aluminum only.
    • All types are available in silver aluminum. Tiger and Delta are additionally available in black aluminum.
    • Easy assembly. Sherman and Tiger roof bars are completely pre-assembled.

    Yakima Whispbar roof bars

    • Premium roof rack with perfect finish and state-of-the-art design.
    • One of the most silent roof rack bars on the market, thanks to the aerodynamic bar profile.
    • All types available in silver aluminum and black aluminum.
    • Easy assembly.

    Mont Blanc Xplore roof bars

    • Premium roof rack with perfect finish and state-of-the-art design.
    • Silent, thanks to the aerodynamic bar profile.
    • Available in silver aluminum.
    • The most user-friendly roof rack ever. Super-fast assembly without tools.

    Menabo Professional Line roof bars

    • Special product line for delivery vans.
    • Economical alternative for a complete roof rack.
    • Available in silver aluminum.
    • Easy assembly on the original roof fixation points.

    T-track mounting

    Many roof boxes and other accessories for the roof are nowadays provided with a T-track attachment. It is then a requirement that the roof racks are also suitable for this. All our aluminum roof racks are suitable for T-track mounting. This means that they are provided with a slot on the top in which so-called T-adapters can be inserted. Therefore, before purchasing your roof racks, check the mounting system of the accessory that you want to mount on it.

    Under "Luggage & Transport" you will not only find roof racks, but also all our roof rack accessories, including many accessories for the Menabo Professional line.

Roof bars

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Safe on the go with roof rack bars from Car Parts Expert

Buying roof rack bars at Car Parts Expert, means being assured of a good and safe product. All our roof racks are TÜV/GS approved and meet ISO 11154 and DIN 75302. And of course, Car Parts Expert provides you with a warranty on all roof racks.

In addition to roof rack bars, Car Parts Expert also offers roof boxes. Roof boxes ensure you are never bothered by a lack of space in your car again, not even when you are planning a holiday by car.

Seek professional advice

Before purchasing a roof rack bar set, you can ask Car Parts Expert for professional advice, to ensure that you buy the product which is the most suitable for your purposes. Of course, you can buy the desired roof racks for your car very easily and quickly in our clear web shop. Do you have any questions regarding our range of products? Please contact us for more information by sending us an e-mail or by calling at +31 416 235 600.