Painting service

CarParts-Expert Painting Service

In our shop you will find various products which must be painted in colour before you can mount them on your car, such as roof spoilers and body kits. CarParts-Expert offers a unique painting service: the product is delivered to you painted in colour. The only thing you have to do is to install the part.

The 3 certainties of the CarParts-Expert painting service:

  1. Warranty. We offer you a unique customer satisfaction guarantee: if you are not satisfied with the paintjob, we will refund you the additional costs of the painting! Read the terms and conditions.
  2. Expertise. CarParts-Expert has its own paint facility with 20 years of experience in the painting of car accessories. Our painted car styling products are supplied daily to many car importers throughout Europe.
  3. Top quality at a fair price. All our painted products are inspected with care before they are shipped out.

How do you order a product painted in colour?
If you have chosen a product which can be painted, you can fill in your desired colour code of your car. The extra costs of the paint job are calculated automatically.

How can I find the colour code of my car?
Each car manufacturer has its own colour coding system. The coding varies per car make and may consist of only numbers, only letters, or a combination of both. Preferably specify both the colour code and the colour name. Should our paint shop doubt the correctness of your specification, we will contact you before painting the product.

Normally, the colour code is shown on a sticker or aluminium plate somewhere in your car. The possible location varies per car make. A figure shows schematically where you might find the color code, you can find this on the product page.


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Top Quality

CarParts-Expert stands for quality. We place high demands on the material and fit of all our products. And all that at competitive prices.

25 years experience

CarParts-Expert has over 25 years experience in the development and production of professional car accessories. Every day we deliver our products to many customers around the world.

Painting Service

Some products can be painted in the body colour of your car. The in-house paint shop of CarParts-Expert offers a top quality finish at a fair price.

Professional service

Do you have questions about a product, its mounting etc.? CarParts-Expert gives you a quick and professional advice. Send an Email to or call us at +31 (0) 416 - 235 600.